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Our Fraud Risk Management services are aimed at helping clients prevent, detect, and respond to fraud and misconduct risks. We do this by working with our clients to design, implement, and evaluate ethics and compliance programs and related antifraud programs and controls. Each project we undertake is as distinct as the clients we serve and geared toward balancing risk and control to achieve performance with integrity. We are accustomed to working with clients in a variety of situations, particularly when the level of scrutiny is high and the margin for error is low. For example, you may want to call us when:

  • Your company experiences a problem and you want to take steps to reduce the likelihood of recurrence
  • Your industry is under scrutiny and you need to assess that your programs and controls can meet stakeholder expectations
  • Your board needs to demonstrate performance of its fiduciary duty to evaluate periodically whether your compliance program is designed and operating effectively
  • Your internal audit or compliance functions would benefit from heightened levels of objectivity or specialization in assessing your program

Our Clients

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