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When disputes arise, it is important to gather the relevant facts, and focus on the key business and financial issues that will help decide a case as soon as possible.

ONESOURCE Forensic helps litigants and their legal counsel deal with costly and disruptive disputes and litigation.

We identify and analyze accounting, economic and financial issues that are in dispute.

We serve as privileged consultants, expert witnesses, arbitrators and panel-appointed or independent experts. We support parties in negotiations and mediations, and help clients resolve commercial disputes using modern financial, accounting, industry, data analytic and technology skills.

OneSource Can:

  • Provide expert witnesses in litigation, arbitration, regulatory hearings or adversary proceedings
  • Serve as a privileged consultant, using our specialized experience in fields such as auditing, accounting, economics, valuation, finance, tax and industry practices
  • Gather and manage electronic data for use in commercial disputes
  • Perform complex data analysis to support privileged consulting or expert testimony
  • Act as an arbitrator, independent accountant or court- or tribunal-appointed expert
  • Advise clients on accounting terminology of purchase and sale agreements to avoid disputes, and prepare completion accounts.

Our senior professionals are seasoned expert witnesses and arbitrators. They have worked with Big4 audit firms as expert witnesses.  They  have dealt with some of the largest and most complex disputes in the region.

Our Clients

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