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Professionals at  OneSource Financial Services   are able to seek out the most appropriate venture and development capital, and bank finance in leveraged and management buy-out situations, and to balance the differing interests of management, owners, and investors.

Private equity is medium to long-term funding provided to unquoted businesses with a high growth potential in return for an equity stake. Private Equity is designed to fund growth companies over a three to seven year horizon where there is significant commercial risk. It is often used in combination with loan finance to build a capital structure that optimises financial return whilst managing financial risk.

Why choose OneSource Financial Services?

Finding a suitable private equity partner can be a long and difficult process. There are very many growing businesses competing for limited reserves of private equity. It is also important to choose the most appropriate provider to suit your business and to know the prevailing market pricing norms. Expert advice is therefore invaluable.

OneSource’s specialist team can guide you through every stage of the process, from identifying sources of funding to final negotiations. Furthermore, we have established professional relationships with nearly every provider of finance, so a personal introduction from us enhances your proposal’s credibility.

Our team includes many experienced consultants, so we have wide experience of large as well as small organisations. In addition to technical expertise, we pride ourselves on a personal approach that can help to make the whole process far less stressful and more financially rewarding.

What we offer

The key to successful fund raising is finding the right investor and demonstrating to them that you are in control of your business growth. OneSource Financial Services   can help you through every stage including helping you prepare an effective business plan and managing your on-going investor relationships.

We can:

  • Explain the process of raising equity capital
  • Identify potential sources
  • Help you prepare your information memorandum or pack, business plan and forecasts
  • Introduce your proposals to equity providers
  • Assist in negotiations and review agreements and attend key meetings with financiers, lawyers
  • Advise you on capital structuring
  • Give you personal and corporate tax advice
  • Carry out due diligence for potential investors
  • Manage the project overall
  • Help you meet monitoring requirements
  • Help manage your on-going relationship with the investor.

Our Clients

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