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At certain points in the development of a business it may be appropriate to enter into M&A transactions that result in a significant change to the shape of the business going forward. The reasons behind such changes vary, but it is vital that a business seeks good professional advice when considering such options.

The services typically involve identifying, analyzing and, where appropriate, managing transactions to help our clients maximize the benefits derived from any contemplated deal.

Our involvement at an early stage is advisable to ensure you are properly prepared as this is fundamental to the success of any M&A transaction.

As well as strong local corporate finance teams, we have a dedicated M&A team who work as part of the corporate finance team to provide support on transactions so that our sector experience and contact networks can be shared.

Any M&A work transactions will require the expertise and support of a number of professionals and we would be happy to recommend some of our contacts (such as lawyers or investment bankers) so you may pull together your M&A team.

Among the services we offer M&A include:

We offer a wide range of services to support M&A transactions which include the following:

  • Strategic advice – we provide support in the initial planning stage of your business development. A third party view is often invaluable in exploring your options
  • Valuation advice – we can provide guidance on possible values of acquisition targets or businesses that are to be divested
  • Business Planning – we can help you plan in more detail how your M&A transactions will fit into your business development strategy
  • Financial Modelling – we can assist in the development of financial models to assess the impact of the M&A transaction and to help identify any associated fund raising requirement
  • Re-active acquisition search – we can use our M&A team and Eastern Africa network to identify acquisition opportunities where a party has made it known that a business is for sale
  • Pro-active acquisition search – we can research potential targets that are not currently for sale and approach them on your behalf to see if they may be interested in entering into preliminary discussions
  • Full acquisition support role – once an acquisition or merger target has been identified, we can support you through the whole process. This will include initial negotiations/investigation, valuation advice, agreeing the form of the deal, due diligence, negotiation of the acquisition agreement and working with your lawyers and other advisors until the deal is completed
  • Full divestment support role – should you wish to sell part or all of your business we can provide a full support role. This could include a pre-sale evaluation, valuation advice, preparation of an information pack, research of likely buyers, approaching buyers, agreeing the form of the deal, due diligence, negotiation of the sale agreement and working with your lawyers and other advisers until the deal is completed.

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