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It has been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. When it comes to unclaimed assets however, a company may not keep the auditor away, but rather than wait for an audit to develop policies and procedures, it pays to be prepared – the best defense against an audit is a good offense, being proactive.

Policies and Procedures

Adopting appropriate written policies and procedures is critical for consistent compliance with UFA requirements. We can assist in the customized development of written policies and procedures and provide in-house staff training to help your company implement its reporting practices.


OneSource will advise and assist with the development of proactive planning and structuring techniques that result in significant or complete reduction of certain types of property from UFA reporting. We work with our clients to ensure that the very best possible solution is reached, accounting fo r the impact of tax, regulatory, and other business factors.

From comprehensive restructuring support to answering day-to-day questions, our experienced team of UFA experts works diligently to provide the industry's best-in-class client solutions to matters of unclaimed assets.

Our Clients

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