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The law has a requirement to perform unclaimed assets due diligence mailings after the dormancy period has been met. These letters are simply a notification to the owner that their assets is in danger of eascheating to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority.

OneSource provides comprehensive unclaimed assets due diligence and reunification services that allow your staff to focus on the business of keeping your company running. From setup, merging, formatting, and mailing the required due diligence letters to telephone follow-up and returns processing, we handle it all. We help you manage your unclaimed assets.

Once your organization is in compliance, the next step may be to explore corporate asset recovery services and work to recover assets that may belong to your company. Companies that have undergone multiple mergers or acquisitions, name changes, or engage in a lot of business-to-business dealings should take special notice, as each of these factors can contribute to the likelihood that unclaimed assets are available. With the use of our relationships, research teams and technology, our asset recovery team can work with you to locate these assets.

Asset Recovery (Individual Claimant)

OneSource, in conjunction with our strategic partners, will coordinate all aspects of identifying, searching, and claiming unclaimed assets on behalf of individual claimants. We will execute all necessary claim forms and paperwork to ensure our clients rightfully receive all their assets.

Our Clients

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