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With the increase in government spending occassioned by the devolved system and bi-cameral legislature, Kenya is facing unprecedented budget shortfalls. Consequently, the threat of diligent and consistent enforcement of unclaimed assets regulations to plug budget short-falls is real. To be proactive and prepared, companies must ask themselves not if they will be audited but rather if they would survive an audit when it happens.

OneSource’s unclaimed assets specialists have industry and Big 5 expertise as well intricate understanding of the unclaimed assets laws and regulations having been champions of the legislation. We take a more strategic, proactive approach to managing your company’s unclaimed assets audit. From negotiating better terms for the audit to mitigating errors, and leveraging any applicable exemptions, exclusions, and deductions, we can help position your company for successful ongoing compliance as well as minimize costs.

Audit Defense

We represent the interests of clients through the audit process, while offering ongoing compliance solutions. We can assist your company through UFAA unclaimed assets audit by responding to information requests; preparing necessary audit schedules; organizing related supporting documentation; developing methodology to calculate the potential amount of the company's liability and if requested, assisting with negotiations.

Annual Compliance

OneSource's annual compliance services offer a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to efficiently manage their regulatory compliance obligations, allowing them to focus on high-value strategic activities more closely aligned with their core business.

Our team of experienced professionals will administer compliance requirements completely and competently, providing solutions to effectively manage UFA compliance activities that result in an overall reduction and mitigation of UFA exposure OneSource's complete UFA compliance solution includes all due diligence, reporting, payment processing, and follow-up functions.


With OneSource, you have a partner that will actively collaborate with you during each step of the unclaimed assets audit process while protecting the confidentiality of all applicable records!

Our Clients

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